Yamaha Grande 2022 review: Specifications, Colors

The year 2022 is considered a return and innovation with many surprises of different car models from Yamaha to Honda. Today Useful will review the Yamaha Grande 2022 – a car line that is very popular with women because of its different features and colors that can be chosen according to your preferences and style!

1. Review of Yamaha Grande 2022 motorbike

Yamaha – a quality, fashionable motorbike brand  that is very popular with Vietnamese consumers today. Especially the Yamaha Grande is designed to be very suitable for women to highlight its luxurious, individual and equally strong style.

That’s why in 2022 Yamaha decided to upgrade this vehicle line to become more convenient and modern by equipping the vehicle with a more advanced navigation system, 2-level LED vehicle lights or, most notably, a convenient mobile charger. use,…

Thus, Yamaha Grande 2022 has taken new steps and targeted more active female customers who like to take long trips on their own vehicle. The question of when the Yamaha Grande 2022 will be released is that many consumers are looking forward to  owning this convenient motorbike with many new and modern features .

1.2. Design

The first thing to evaluate the 2022 Yamaha Grande is the innovation in the vehicle’s design. Grande 2022 has become softer and slimmer than the old design with curves in the body and rear. Replacing the square appearance of previous versions with a soft appearance makes the overall car more beautiful. At the same time, combined with prominent diamond-shaped headlights on the car mask with glossy chrome trim, the car becomes more sophisticated and luxurious.

1.3. Color

The image of the Yamaha Grande 2022 is also known to many people thanks to the diverse number of colors of the vehicle. Adding to its color list two new colors, yellow and red, makes this car model have 11 different colors. So choosing the color that suits your preferences has become much easier. Especially girls want to have  a Yamaha motorbike with  its own unique and impressive style.

1.4. Size

True to the purpose of designing a suitable car for women, the manufacturer designed the car to be relatively small and compact. Like  other small and convenient electric motorbikes for women , the Grande is 1,820mm long and about 1,150mm high with a width of 685mm.

1.5. Weight

Weight is considered the most outstanding feature of the Grande 2022 when this product, when fully installed with additional motorbike accessories, is only about 102kg. With such weight, it will be easier for women to run and drive the bike compared to other models.

1.6. LED lights and turn signals

Both Grande’s front and rear lights use Full-LED technology. Replacing other versions that only use halogen lights, the car’s turn signals and rear light clusters have a new design that is more personal, sharper, and neater.

1.7. TFT watch face

The watch face of Grande 2022 has also been converted to a TFT-LCD screen. This modern type of screen will include an analog clock that allows displaying the time, the amount of fuel the vehicle uses and especially the ability to save energy. Besides, the convenient button on the watch face helps provide information about the distance traveled throughout the journey.

1.8. Smartkey is compact, has positioning function

The car’s Smart Key system has been redesigned, making this device much more modern and sturdy. In addition, a new function added by Yamaha is  the  integrated vehicle navigation system . This system includes flashing lights and sounds to notify the user of the location of the vehicle in case you park in large parking lots. So thanks to this feature, when still wondering whether to buy a Yamaha Grande or not, users will want to immediately own and use this convenient and safe innovation.

1.9. Saddle design

Especially for ladies to have the most beautiful and fashionable sitting posture and good visibility, this model has a saddle height of 790mm. So with this height, users with a height of 1m6 or more will have the most comfortable sitting position and girls with a little lower height can consider before choosing this car as a means of transportation. shipped daily.

1.10. The trunk is spacious

Understanding the psychology of women who like to use large trunks to store many things, with this 2022 version, Grande still owns a large trunk. This trunk is capable of holding two  ¾ helmets  and includes a number of other items due to the trunk’s capacity of up to 27 liters. And to easily retrieve items in the dark, the trunk is also equipped with LED lighting. So this very convenient trunk has been added to the list of reasons women should buy a Yamaha Grande.

1.11. Phone charging port and front storage compartment

Another feature when evaluating the Yamaha Grande 2022 is the additional USB charging socket combined with a storage compartment above the footrest. So it is very convenient that users can add energy to  their modern smartphones  or other electronic devices while on the go to save time.

1.12. The brake system is equipped with the latest technology

This new model is equipped with 12-inch wheels combined with 5 spokes, hydraulic disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Thus, the vehicle’s braking system will increase user safety when used on different types of roads.

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