What is Piknu?How Does it Work, its Features and Alternatives?

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Piknu is a non-operational Instagram online viewer. Piknu user-friendly interface and speed of processing made it famous in recent years. With your browser, you can view the stories you want to view completely anonymously.

The trick is to hide your presence. Piknu is often used just to get data about unfollowed Instagram users through an online viewing tool. Let’s take a look at Piknu functions and its alternative for users in this article.

What are Instagram web viewers?

 Instagram stories and posts used to be only accessible through the app when you logged in to your account.

You can now view your Instagram account on some unofficial websites (or web viewers), and you can also post from their platforms.

A few of these platforms let you see the stories and posts of your friends anonymously. So you can stalk people with Instagram accounts, in other words.

How does Piknu work?

Instagram is a heavily mobile-based app, for those who don’t know. There are likely restrictions on the website version, even though you can view accounts and pictures online. Piknu, for example, is an Instagram Web viewer that can be used in this scenario.

Using this application, you can locate a picture you are looking for, find a hashtag or account, and view it without restrictions. You can only use them on public Instagram accounts, not private accounts.

Due to Instagram’s strict algorithm and concern for user privacy, private accounts would not be accessible. The feature allows you to find any user, photo, hashtag, or popular post on the web.

Additionally, you can also upload pictures directly to Instagram from your desktop. There is no complication to the website’s layout. This tool allows you to search for specific photos or accounts by typing them in the search bar.

Is it safe to use Piknu?

To be honest, it’s much easier to download a virus using a computer than from a mobile phone when this kind of site is hosted on the web. Furthermore, piknu, as well as other Instagram viewers, share images widely on the web.

This kind of website should not be used, especially if you are asked for your personal information like your email address or password. 

If you cannot avoid them because of your desperate situation, take all the necessary safety measures.

Alternatives to Piknu


It provides a variety of analytics for Instagram accounts besides just a simple Instagram viewer.

This is why many marketers use it to analyze Instagram accounts for competitors. Ipopam is completely free. All you have to do is enter your username to access the information.


Dumpor is a popular Instagram viewer. In the same way that Piknu works, this private Instagram viewer also uses the same application technology.

Dumpor’s extra features make it so popular. It’s also used to view a user’s private stories, in addition to viewing Instagram stories.

If you enter the username, all of the user’s private data will be displayed, whether you follow it or not.



With Pikdo, users can search for private Instagram accounts without having to follow them.

 With Pikdo, you can find images on Instagram from any URL. The tool will find the photos automatically if you enter the URL of the Instagram account.


The Instagram Viewer Imgtagram is another popular online app. Many users prefer it to Piknu. An Instagram username is required to view data in this online viewer. Imgtagram allows you to download posts from users whose accounts you have joined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Piknu is not working?

Piknu has been taken down! The reason this app does not work is something that many people concern themselves with. No one has explained why Piknu is down, and none of the sources have given any explanation. The downtime of this Instagram online viewer may be due to privacy concerns.

Is it possible to view private profiles?

With web viewers like piknu, it is impossible to see a private Instagram account.


Its speed and free Instagram content exploration made Pinku a popular Instagram viewer. They have, however, been shut down along with most of the other platforms that offered this type of service.

Instagram web browsers can be used for different reasons, depending on why you want them. Instagram’s official site can be set up in your web browser so you can use Instagram’s features, including posting and using third-party sites.

Private accounts cannot be monitored, so you should avoid anyone offering such services.

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