Volkswagen Virtus Elegance

With its unique, luxurious beauty from Europe and a series of other practical equipment, Virtus Elegance has truly created a great reputation by giving users exclusive experiences on German cars and countless outstanding safety and quality standards. 

Exquisite design, trendy standards 

Possessing a unique appearance, Virtus Elegance promises to always be the center of attention when traveling on the road.

In terms of overall appearance, Virtus has quite spacious dimensions (4,542 x 1,751 x 1,463 mm). At the same time, although only equipped with standard 16-inch wheels, this model has an impressive ground clearance of 179mm, ranking first in the segment. This is definitely a convenient point when traveling on flooded roads in Vietnam. 

The front of the car has a look that is both classic and minimalist. Instead of using a large, wide and 3D-patterned grille like other cars, the grille on the Virtus Elegance is a flat bar, bordered with glossy metallic chrome and extends to both sides of the lights.

Although the LED system does not have too much outstanding technology, it is still enough to use when moving in urban areas. It’s a bit unfortunate that two interesting lighting features, the ability to automatically turn on/off and the coming home/leaving home mode, are only prioritized for the Luxury version.

The car’s body remains minimalist with aerodynamic lines extending towards the rear. The wheels of the Elegance version have a traditional design in B-class sedans, lack sportiness and do not have too many highlights like on the Luxury version. 

The car is equipped with a very airy luggage compartment with a capacity of up to 521 liters. The rear seats can be folded down to increase size in case more storage space is needed. 

Stepping into the cockpit, although the car’s performance has been reduced quite a bit compared to its Luxury predecessor, the Virtus Elegance still has the solidity of the materials, not too rickety like Japanese cars in the same segment. 

Due to inheriting Volkswagen’s design DNA and top standards in mechanical assembly, users can clearly feel the perfection of materials, as well as the feeling of holding the details on the car that are worth the money. 

The D-cut steering wheel on the Elegance is covered in leather, the steering feel is very light and comfortable, suitable for many drivers.

The display screen only stops at classic analog standards – a rather unfortunate feature when owning a car in this price range. 

A big advantage of Virtus cars is the comfortable space. Due to inheriting a European-standard chassis to suit the stature of local people, rear passengers will not feel constrained or cramped like on other B-class cars. 

Legroom and ceiling space are still very suitable for people up to 1m8 tall. 

Maximum operating efficiency and fuel economy 

Under the hood of the car is a 1.0 TSI gasoline engine, combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission that will produce 115 horsepower and 178 Nm of torque at low rpm, so Virtus Elegance still offers a The feeling of acceleration is quite good at the speed range of 60km/h – a limit often found in urban areas. 

Virtus Elegance is a formidable competitor in the fuel economy category as the car only consumes about 6.6 liters/100km – an impressive number in this era of rising gasoline prices.

Of course, in a basic family sedan, outstanding performance and impressive acceleration are not the general direction of Virtus. However, if to serve daily travel needs, sometimes short trips, Virtus is still an option worth considering. 

Another plus point is the outstanding warranty and maintenance policy. If we mention luxury car kings like “Mac” or “Bim”, many people have to frown because the cost of spare parts and maintenance is too expensive.  

However, with Elegance, users have easier access to the most advanced European maintenance standards and still do not worry about costs. The vehicle is covered by a genuine global warranty policy, with components committed to being imported directly from the company, providing seamless quality when maintaining the vehicle. 

Standard safety equipment and practical amenities

This car model is equipped with a touch entertainment screen up to 10 inches, has wireless Apple Carplay / Android Auto connection and a number of standard connection ports such as Bluetooth connection, 12v charging port, wireless charging and headphone jack. USB type-C. 

In the Elegance version, the company only equips 2 safety airbags, instead of 6 bags like in the Luxury sibling. However, the feeling of operating a car model from Germany always brings absolute peace of mind to the user. 

The vehicle is equipped with a series of standard safety features such as: 

  • ESC electronic balance
  • Anti-slip when accelerating ASR
  • DSR smart return support
  • EDTC traction control
  • 6 airbags 
  • Assist to begin across hill

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