Volkswagen Polo: On-Road Price, Review, Specifications, Installments

Bigger and better than ever, the new VW Polo attracts buyers with its youthful, fresh design, ready to conquer the challenges of the modern world. And this is what has made Polo number 1 in the segment. Let’s discover more about this hatchback through the Volkswagen Polo review below.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Timeless style
  • High quality interior
  • Beautiful infotainment system
  • Generous luggage space
  • Exciting performance, good handling
  • Solid chassis


  • Classic design
  • There aren’t many new features


SpecificationsVolkswagen Polo
Number of seats5
Overall dimensions LxWxH (mm)3,970 x 1,682 x 1,453
Wheelbase (mm)2,456
Self-weight (kg)1,024
Engine1.6L MPI
Fuel typeGasoline
Maximum power (horsepower)105 / 5,250
Maximum torque (Nm)153 / 3,800
Gear6-speed automatic
Maximum speed (km/h)185
Tire size185/60 R15
Average fuel consumption (l/100km)6.5
LED taillightsHave
Entertainment screen6.5 inches, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Sound system4 high-end speakers
Cruise Control cruise control systemHave
Reverse cameraHave
Parking assist sensorHave

Volkswagen Polo car review

Exterior review

The new Volkswagen Polo is significantly larger than its predecessor. This results in increased interior space and cargo space. However, the Polo is still a compact car on the outside.

In terms of design, the Polo looks quite simple, it doesn’t seem to have any notable highlights. Every design detail is somewhat boring, but in the case of Volkswagen, this is not the kind of boring that makes you feel dull but the kind of boring that looks elegant, classy and in line with modern trends .

The large headlights are merged with the grille, creating cohesion in the car’s front design. Meanwhile, a slender chrome-plated strip below the grille highlights the brand logo. Instead of using Halogen lights like some cars in the same segment, Volkswagen equips the Polo Hatchback with LED technology headlights. Comes with an automatic light control function, helping to maximize safety when operating the vehicle.

Integrated into the air intakes on both sides are fog lights with a modern diamond-shaped design. The central air intake has also been significantly increased in size, contributing to the aggressive appearance of this car when viewed from the front.

This hatchback has dimensions of length x width x height of 3,970 x 1,682 x 1,453mm, respectively, and a wheelbase of 2,456mm. Dimensional figures show that the VW Polo Hatchback is shorter than its predecessor but larger in every other parameter. Most importantly is the increase in wheelbase, now the distance between the two wheel axles is increased by 92mm. That means that the space inside the car is more spacious and it plays a big role in making passengers more comfortable.

Its rearview mirror is the same color as the car’s body, has the ability to adjust/fold electrically and has integrated turn signals. Filling the wheel arches are 15-inch wheels. This size is both commensurate with the vehicle body configuration and provides better fuel economy.

The biggest change at the rear is the newly designed taillights. Thanks to that, the rear of the VW Polo Hatchback looks more square and more consistent than the previous generation. The car is also equipped with a reversing camera and rear parking sensors.

In short, the new generation Polo doesn’t try to be stylish but it still radiates an irresistible charm that makes it hard to take your eyes off it.

Furniture review

Like the exterior, the interior of the new Volkswagen Polo is also designed in a simple style. Although the interior materials are not the highest quality, often found on other Volkswagens, they are durable and do not create a cheap feeling like some cars from Korea. or Japan.

The center console has a neat design with function keys arranged reasonably and evenly within the driver’s reach. The Polo Hatchback’s 6.5-inch infotainment screen is quite sharp and has almost no lag when used. Meanwhile, all function keys are within reach of the driver, you will not have any difficulty using them.

The Polo Hatchback’s flat-bottomed steering wheel is the perfect size and weight, compatible with both male and female drivers. This helps make the driving experience more realistic. Integrated on the steering wheel are physical keys to control a number of functions such as: audio, phone, cruise control… Behind the steering wheel is an instrument cluster with an intuitive design, all parameters are clear. Clearly displayed through a small screen located between two analog gauges.

Up front, the Polo has plenty of space for both driver and passenger. The driver’s seat has a large adjustment range, combined with a multi-directional steering wheel that allows the driver to quickly find a suitable driving position, helping the driver himself become more comfortable behind the wheel. by Polo Hatchback.

The VW Polo Hatchback has more spacious rear seats than users would expect from a car of this size. The head, leg and shoulder space it provides are comfortable.

When folding the second row of seats in a 60/40 ratio, the luggage space is significantly expanded, from 350 liters to 1,125 liters. A plus point is that the wide trunk door and low loading height help you easily load goods into the trunk.

Operational assessment

Under the hood of the Volkswagen Polo Hatchback is a 1.6L DOHC, MPI inline 4-cylinder engine. It produces maximum power of 105 horsepower at 5,250 rpm, maximum torque of 153Nm at 3,800 rpm. Connected to this engine is an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The feeling that Volkswagen Polo brings behind the wheel far exceeds what users expect from it. This car has composed handling and incredible stability in urban driving. When driving the Polo on the highway, wind and road noise are well suppressed, easily making the Polo the most refined car in its class.

Another advantage of the Polo is the electric power steering which provides good weighting, good feel and precise response.

On paper, the Polo’s engine power seems weaker when compared to the Honda City but the I4 MPI engine when combined with a 6-speed gearbox makes for a great team. They respond almost instantly to the driver’s controls.

Safety assessment

In addition to the armored frame system with a galvanized steel body, providing a sense of safety in the event of a collision, the new Volkswagen Polo also possesses safety features such as:

  • Airbag system
  • ABS anti-lock braking system
  • PDC parking distance control system
  • Anti-theft warning system
  • Speed ​​sensor power assist system
  • Vehicle frame with load-bearing steel structure design
  • Equipped with 3-point safety belts for all seats
  • Seat belt warning
  • Incorporates an active belt tensioning system upon impact

Frequently asked questions

Is the Volkswagen Polo good for family use?

The Volkswagen Polo is a good choice if you’re looking for a compact hatchback for the family. You’ll get plenty of cargo space in a small vehicle that’s easy to park and move around town.

One of the other factors that make the Polo attractive to young families and singles is its beautiful interior, many high-end features and comprehensive driver assistance technology.

Which version of Volkswagen Polo should I buy?

There is only 1 version of Volkswagen Polo distributed in the Vietnamese market. Although not as iconic as the Volkswagen Touareg or Volkswagen Tiguan, the Polo is still considered one of the legends of the small car segment. This hatchback has a smart, premium look and maturity in a way that no other small car can.

The VW Polo’s cabin is built with high-quality materials so that it is now brighter, more modern and comes with a long list of the most advanced technological features in its segment.

Is the Volkswagen Polo durable?

The durability of a Volkswagen Polo depends on many factors, including: using the correct fuel; Perform, care, maintain, and replace parts periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; Operate the vehicle properly…

Volkswagen warrants the Polo for 36 months or 100,000km, whichever comes first.

Should I buy a used or new Volkswagen Polo?

There are no major differences between the 2019, 2020 and 2020 Volkswagen Polo. Therefore, if you are considering buying a used Volkswagen Polo, pay attention to cars produced from 2019 to present.

Should I buy a Volkswagen Polo in installments?

The Volkswagen Polo car has a pretty good price. If you are in need of buying a car but have insufficient financial resources, an installment car loan is the best choice. With many advantages such as: flexible loan amount up to 80% of car value, attractive interest rates, simple procedures, quick disbursement… Volkswagen Polo car loan in installments is increasingly popular with many customers. select.

Does the car waste fuel?

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, the average fuel consumption of the Volkswagen Polo on the combined road is 6.5 liters/100km. It may not be as good as some models in the same segment, but there’s no denying that the above numbers are excellent for a German car like the Polo.

Should I buy a Volkswagen Polo?

The Volkswagen Polo’s exterior design may seem dated compared to the rest of the auto industry, but it’s still one of the most capable and graceful handling cars available today.

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