Volkswagen Passat: On-Road Price, Review, Specifications, Installments

Style and power – these two elements unite to create the new generation VW Passat. This sedan is not simply more fashionable and more contemporary, but it is also the most successful version of the German brand. Want to know more about Passat? Don’t miss the Volkswagen Passat car review below from

Price of Volkswagen Passat in November 2023

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Comfortable when operating
  • New MIB3 infotainment system
  • Thoughtful safety features
  • Fuel efficient and environmentally friendly
  • The cabin is quiet
  • The rear seats are spacious
  • Large luggage compartment space


  • Small touch screen
  • Low fuel consumption index

Technical specifications of Volkswagen Passat

SpecificationsVolkswagen Passat
Number of seats5
Overall dimensions LxWxH (mm)4,767 x 1,832 x 1,456
Wheelbase (mm)2,791
Self-weight (kg)
EngineI4 – TSI 1.8L
Fuel typeGasoline
Maximum power (horsepower)180 / 5,500 – 6,000
Maximum torque (Nm)250 / 1,500 – 5,000
Gear7-speed automatic – dual-clutch DSG
Maximum speed (km/h)232
Acceleration from 0 – 100km/h (seconds)7.9
Plate size (inch)18
Average fuel consumption7.3
Lighting systemsLED
InteriorThe steering wheel, gear lever, and seats are covered in premium black leather
Entertainment systemBluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio
Air conditioningAutomatic
OtherParking sensors, reversing camera

Review of the Volkswagen Passat

Exterior review

The new Volkswagen Passat appears on the market with a completely redesigned appearance. Specifically, the grille is significantly larger and it has been upgraded to 4 chrome-plated bars. These bars bend slightly towards the delicately designed LED headlights and hidden inside are turn signal lights with LED technology.

In particular, LED headlights provide both white and yellow light, allowing for customized lighting of the road ahead similar to daylight. Overall, the headlights and grille of the new Volkswagen Passat follow Volkswagen’s design DNA, while emphasizing the vehicle’s width. Most specifically, the car lights have the Dynamic Headlight function – automatically adjusting the light projection distance according to driving speed. In addition, it also has the ability to automatically expand the projection angle when cornering and automatically turn on when it gets dark.

The new Volkswagen Passat is 2mm shorter than the previous generation, but the front/rear wheel axles have been moved towards the front and rear bumpers respectively, increasing the wheelbase by 79mm – reaching 2,791mm. At the same time, this car is 14mm lower, providing perfect body proportions for a sedan with a strong design like the Passat.

The VW Passat Bluemotion’s lower stance and longer wheelbase are further emphasized by the prominent shoulder line connecting the front wheel arches and rear lights. Meanwhile, the car doors are designed larger, making it easier for passengers to enter/exit the cabin. Filling the wheel arches is a set of 18-inch “Dartford” aluminum alloy wheels with a design that is both modern and aerodynamic. Like its predecessor, the new Volkswagen Passat has electrically adjustable/folding rearview mirrors and integrated turn signals.

At the rear, the taillights have been made significantly wider and it is also more compact. In particular, the deep crease at the edge of the trunk door gives the rear of the car a neat and sophisticated look. The BlueMotion badge mounted on the rear of the car indicates that this car uses fuel-saving and environmentally friendly technology.

Notably, the rear bumper protrudes slightly – although not much, the designers used this trick to increase the trunk capacity. Parking assist sensors are located on the rear bumper and their task is to warn the driver when an obstacle is detected behind. Meanwhile, the camera is hidden behind the logo on the trunk.

Furniture review

Similar to the exterior, the interior of the new Volkswagen Passat is also elaborately designed, highly aesthetic and possesses many of the brand’s leading technologies. The car’s cabin is much more spacious than a standard midsize sedan. Comes with countless modern features and amenities that make most buyers feel satisfied.

The dashboard of this sedan looks really innovative with air conditioning vents stretching across the entire width of the interior and it is only interrupted by the instrument cluster and a small analog clock located in the center. The size of the air vent not only affects the control panel design but also has a positive impact on the cooling and air filtration performance of the air conditioning system.

The Volkswagen Passat’s infotainment screen is only 6.5 inches in size – although smaller than some competitors in the same segment, it has high resolution, provides sharp images and its processor is also responsive. , precise, smooth. Through the infotainment screen, users can access Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay , Android Auto, HD Radio…

The new Passat is the first Volkswagen car equipped with a Head-Up screen. It projects important information, such as vehicle speed or navigation images, directly into the driver’s windshield. Thanks to this feature, the driver’s eyes can both focus on the road and read data when operating the vehicle.

The new steering wheel has been tweaked to be slightly smaller and its turning circle is shorter to achieve a smaller radius when turning. The keys integrated on the steering wheel are clear, intuitive and very simple to operate.

The front seats have a comfortable design, compatible with all body sizes. The driver’s seat has multi-directional power adjustment, while the passenger seat can only be adjusted manually. In addition, the VW Passat Bluemotion’s center armrest can slide forward to improve driver comfort during operation.

Thanks to the thin A-pillar and forward-sloping roof, the driver has a good view ahead and knows where the car’s corners are. In addition, a reversing camera is standard to help you easily operate the vehicle in narrow spaces.

Although the new Volkswagen Passat is 2mm shorter than the previous generation, thanks to the increased wheelbase, the cabin length has also been increased by 33mm. Since then, the interior space is larger in all 3 rows and even the luggage compartment space has increased significantly.

The rear door has a large design, combined with a roof that is not too low, making it easier for passengers to get in and out of the rear seats than competitors like Mazda 6 or KIA Optima. The back seat is wide enough to accommodate 3 adults but ideally still 2 passengers.

Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion has a luggage compartment capacity of 450 liters – average in the segment. But the trunk is especially deep and wide, making it easy for owners to carry bulky goods. The rear seats can also be folded down in a 60/40 ratio to maximize cargo space.

Operational assessment

Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion’s I4 – TSI 1.8L engine provides maximum power of 180 horsepower at 5,500 – 6,000 rpm, maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1,500 – 5,000 rpm. Power is transmitted to the front wheels through an automatic transmission – dual-clutch DSG.

Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion takes 7.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h before reaching a maximum speed of 232 km/h.

The steering wheel provides just the right amount of weight but isn’t too sensitive. This in turn contributes to bringing a feeling of certainty and confidence to the driver. When driving through corners, the Passat shows that it has good body handling. This is one of the advantages worth celebrating when tricky or narrow roads are not its forte.

In short, if driven in the city or on the highway, the Volkswagen Passat delivers the kind of smooth and effortless driving we expect. But when rushed, it shows a disappointing lack of power.

Safety assessment

The list of safety features equipped by Volkswagen for Passat includes:

  • ABS anti-lock braking system
  • BAS emergency brake assist
  • Anti-slip when accelerating ASR
  • ETC traction control support system
  • ESC electronic vehicle body stabilization
  • Electronic handbrake and Auto Hold parking assist
  • Warn the driver that the vehicle exceeds the set speed
  • The reversing camera is hidden behind the trunk logo
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Semi-automatic parking assistance
  • 3-point seat belts for all seats with emergency belt tensioners & torque limiters
  • Airbag system
  • Monitor tire pressure
  • Driver alert system

Frequently asked questions

Is the Volkswagen Passat good for family use?

Family buyers shouldn’t look past the Volkswagen Passat. Because this sedan has all the features that this customer group is looking for, which are: spacious cabin, comfortable operation and good fuel economy.

In addition, possessing many safety features and generous rear seats is also one of the factors that make Passat a good choice for typical families in Vietnam.

Which version of Volkswagen Passat should I buy?

There is only 1 version of Volkswagen Passat distributed in the Vietnamese market. The new generation Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion does not have many mechanical changes compared to its predecessor. Most of the tweaks help it look more modern than rivals like the Honda Accord and Mazda 6.

In addition, Volkswagen still retains the Passat’s successful formula for many years, including: spacious cabin, large and practical trunk, smooth operation and flexible handling.

Is the Volkswagen Passat durable?

The durability of the Volkswagen Passat depends on many factors, including: using the correct fuel; Perform, care, maintain, and replace parts periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; Operate the vehicle properly…

Volkswagen warrants the Passat for 36 months or 100,000km, whichever comes first.

Should I buy a used or new Volkswagen Passat?

Here are the main changes to the Volkswagen Passat over the past few years:

  • 2017: Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking are standard:
  • 2018: 4-cylinder Turbo engine introduced
  • 2019: V6 engine production is discontinued
  • 2020: Enhanced features, refreshed interior and exterior styling; Engine torque is increased

In general, if you are considering buying a used Volkswagen Passat, be mindful of cars manufactured from 2020 to present.

Should I buy a Volkswagen Passat in installments?

The Volkswagen Passat has a pretty good price. If you are in need of buying a car but have insufficient financial resources, an installment car loan is the best choice. With many advantages such as: flexible loan amount up to 80% of car value, attractive interest rates, simple procedures, quick disbursement… Volkswagen Passat car loan in installments is increasingly popular with many customers. select.

Does the car waste fuel?

As we shared above, the Volkswagen Passat has a combined fuel consumption of 7.3 liters/100km. This great number is possible because the German brand has applied fuel-saving and environmentally friendly BlueMotion technology on this sedan.

Should I buy a Volkswagen Passat?

At a time when most car buyers have turned their attention to crossovers and SUVs, the Volkswagen Passat has emerged as an attractive choice in the market thanks to its many outstanding advantages.


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