Top 10 small displacement motorbike models for beginners

Small Sportbikes, or low-range Nakedbikes with strong running capabilities will meet the requirements of those who are new to motorbikes.

Before stepping up to a higher class, also known as large displacement, beginners will often choose small-sized motorcycle models that are suitable for themselves. This helps them get acquainted with the car, practice driving skills as well as get used to the feeling of a speed-oriented car.

In the fierce competition of the motorbike market, there are many attractive models, making players hesitate in choosing. So which choice will be reasonable and suitable for each person? Let’s join to learn more about 10 small displacement models in the Sport bike and Naked bike street segments from 150cc or less. All have appeared or are about to appear in Vietnam through both genuine routes and private importers, each car model has its own characteristics to suit the needs of each player.

1.  Yamaha R15

Yamaha YZF-R15 is a Sport-City model with a strong position in the world of small motorcycles in our country. In 2017, Yamaha also introduced the latest generation of this model, the R15 V3, completely changing the design, imbued with a Sport bike style and integrating new technologies.

Yamaha R15 V3 uses a single cylinder engine, capacity 155.1cc, piston diameter 58mm, capacity 19HP @ 10,000 rpm, maximum torque 14.7Nm @ 8,500 rpm. R15 V3 2017 has sporty Clip-on handlebars, a relatively upright driving position, and a design inherited from its two “older brothers” R6 and R1 for a very good driving feel. In addition, this model is also equipped with a Slipper clutch (anti-slip pot) to help the ability to change gears smoothly when accelerating. 

2.Honda CBR150

As a long-time rival to the Yamaha R15, the Honda CBR150 is also a model with a very high position in the top small displacement motorcycles today. Immersing in the new trend, the 2017 CBR150 has completely changed its appearance. The new design of the vehicle is influenced by the 2017 Superbike CBR1000RR SP for an impressive, strong and sporty look.

Honda CBR150 2017 uses a single cylinder engine, capacity of 150cc, capacity of 16.9HP @ 9,000 rpm and torque of 13.7Nm @ 7,000 rpm. So it can be seen that the 2017 CBR150 will be slightly weaker than the R15 V3, but it has a neater appearance than its opponent. In addition, the handlebars of the 2017 CBR150 are still the Sport-City handlebars, the driving position will definitely be comfortable when operating on the street. And traditionally, Honda has created a vehicle that is quieter, more docile and more durable than many of its competitors.

3. Suzuki GSX-R150

The smallest, slimmest and lightest appearance in the 150cc Sport bike class is the Suzuki GSX-R150. This model appeared on the market in 2017 to “enter” the street motorbike playground that Suzuki had previously left open. Suzuki GSX-R150 is highly aerodynamic, giving the best wind surfing ability compared to many other competitors.

GSX-R150 is equipped with a single cylinder, DOHC engine with a capacity of 147.3cc, with a capacity of 18.6HP and a torque of 14.0Nm. Not only that, to improve performance, the GSX-R150 also uses Clip-on handlebars, an electronic fuel injection system combined with an ECU flashed according to Suzuki’s new standards to help the vehicle accelerate perfectly, especially at low speeds. speed fights. 

4. KTM RC 125

Despite its relatively low cylinder capacity, the KTM RC125 is one of the three most beautiful sport bikes in the world in the 125cc segment. In fact, the RC125 takes the design inherited from the company’s famous racing car: RC390 Cup, carrying a single-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 124.7cc, 15 horsepower and maximum speed on the road. try reaching 159km/h.

The advantage of the RC125 is a racing-like driving position, light weight, high torque, so it has strong “deceleration” power. In addition, the design of the muffler hidden under the car is also one of the outstanding points in the design of this car model.

5. Aprilia RS125

Aprilia RS125 is a small sport bike model, but it carries no small capacity. And these are also a few of the small 2-stroke motorcycle models in the world. Dubbed the “ruler” of the 125cc segment in GP races, the Aprilia RS125 is truly as big and aggressive as a 600cc. Carrying a 2-stroke engine, the vehicle’s limited power is 15 horsepower. But if equipped with the Racing option (often called “full power” by Vietnamese car enthusiasts), opening the power limit, the RS 125 achieves 34 horsepower, an impressive number in the 125cc segment.

Not only that, the steering angle of the RS 125 is considered to be equivalent to the steering angle of the CBR1000RR. The squat design and high aerodynamics are also features that help increase the vehicle’s acceleration. However, not everyone dares to be confident enough to choose RS125. In addition to the fact that it has strong acceleration in the 125cc segment, it is also a 2-stroke bike, which will be more difficult to “take care of” than traditional 4-stroke machines.

6. Yamama FZ150i

Yamaha FZ150i is a popular Naked bike model, with a design suitable for many different players. Through practical experiences and evaluations, the FZ150i proves its multi-purpose capabilities: it can run comfortably on the street, has enough power for long-distance running, and most of all, it satisfies the needs of traveling well. motorbike experience for beginners.

Carrying at its heart a single-cylinder engine, 150cc capacity, 16.3HP capacity and maximum torque of 14.5Nm, the Yamaha FZ150i is strong enough for normal acceleration phases, enough to bring the feeling of Exciting when running at high rpm and Nakedbike’s advantage, it has a very comfortable sitting position, very comfortable among small motorcycles.

7. Honda CB150R

As an extremely serious competitor in the low-range motorcycle class, the Honda CB150R is a product that converges a lot of technology, as well as has an impressive appearance, leading the trend among models in the same segment. . Honda CB150R 2017 possesses a Naked bike design, but blends classic and modern features. Overall, this car has a bit of the “breath” of the CB1000R – Neo Cafe Sport model that Honda just introduced at the recent EICMA 2017 exhibition.

In particular, it is a rare number among 150cc models equipped with ABS braking system. Honda CB150R ExMotion is equipped with a 4-stroke, DOHC, single cylinder, electronic fuel injection, 150cc engine with a 6-speed gearbox. It is likely that the car will soon be available in Vietnam in the first months of 2018.

8. Suzuki GSX-S150

Appearing at the same time as the Sport bike GSX-R150 version, the small Naked bike Suzuki GSX-S150 was also among the company’s top cars in 2017. The GSX-S150 is actually a modified Sport bike GSX-R150, replaced with high handlebars and a separate light cluster, helping to create a different riding position from the pure Sport model.

Suzuki GSX-S150 is also one of the models that new players consider choosing. In addition to possessing the same power as a Sportbike, it also has a quite attractive price, within the ability of the majority of car enthusiasts today. 

9. KTM Duke 125

Similar to the GSX-S150, the KTM Duke 125 is the Naked Bike incarnation of the RC125 model introduced above. Duke 125 has a design imbued with KTM’s design language, very fierce and aggressive. The light cluster is large, the whole body leans forward, and the steering angle is high and airy, giving the feeling of running an off-road tractor. With those advantages, the KTM Duke 125 is the most stylish Naked bike model among similar models today.

10.  Yamaha TFX150

The street sports car model with a tall, neat seat and a “born for tuning” design is the Yamaha TFX150. With a design that combines the Enduro, Naked bike and Super moto models, Yamaha has created a very interesting, extremely innovative and outstanding product.

The TFX150 has an inverted fork, an LED headlight with a devil face shape, and a short handlebar saddle that reveals a high tail. In our country, the Yamaha TFX150 is also one of the 150cc motorcycle models with the most versions and styles.

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