The most popular large displacement vehicles in the world today

Powerful large displacement motorbike models always receive the attention of today’s biker world. If you do not understand much about large displacement vehicles, read this article to learn more deeply, thereby distinguishing between large displacement motorbikes and easily making the most suitable choice for yourself. 

There is an extremely effective way to classify motorbikes, which is based on their purpose of use. Accordingly, large displacement motorcycles will be divided into 3 large groups: Street, Off-road and other types. The large group is divided into smaller groups.

For example, the street group will be divided into smaller groups such as: Standard, Sport bike, Touring bike, Cruiser, Dual-sport, Fazer series, Naked-muscle, Street-fighter… Each of these vehicle lines will have its own advantages. most distinctive design. In particular, they continue to be divided into terms such as: flyweight, middleweight, and heavyweight.

To buy the type of car and specifically the car that is most suitable for you, it is best to go to reputable sales units and get the most in-depth advice.

The most famous motorbike brands today

Below are the most prestigious and famous large displacement motorbike brands on the market today.


This is a large displacement vehicle brand that everyone who loves motorbikes knows. Harley-Davidson is a long-standing American car company with a Cruiser-style design.

This company’s car lines target a wide range of customers, especially those who love a sporty, youthful and strong style.


This car brand comes from England with elegant and classic beauty. Triumph was founded in 1885 and at present, it has become one of the famous names in the world of motorcycling.

This car brand owns a series of famous names that are very popular such as Street Triple RS, Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Bonneville T120,…


Honda is the leading famous motorcycle brand and is very familiar in Vietnam. This brand originates from Japan and Honda’s car models are available in all segments, meeting a variety of user needs. The characteristic of this car line is its strength and extremely durable performance.


Kawasaki has 60 years of history in the field of manufacturing and developing large displacement vehicles. This brand is extremely famous and loved by many customers around the world who love large displacements.

Kawasaki’s outstanding features are its impressive design and powerful performance. A typical example of this brand is the H2 or Z1000 of the Naked bike line.


Surely this motorcycle brand founded in 1955 in Japan is also extremely familiar to you. Yamaha motorbike company not only receives love from the Vietnamese motorbike market but is also popular in many countries around the world.

Yamaha’s large displacement vehicles are considered to be at the forefront of design with new, luxurious designs, diverse colors and often aim for strength and personality. Typical models include Yamaha R1, MT10, R6, MT 06,…

In addition to the prominent names mentioned above, there are a number of other famous large displacement vehicle brands such as Ducati, BMW, Suzuki, KTM, GPX Racing, Aprilia… You can learn more from the sales staff at Large motorbike showrooms for more detailed advice.

Names of the most popular large displacement vehicles today

You can refer to the 5 most popular large displacement vehicles today. These will definitely be suggestions that will not disappoint you. Let’s see now.

Kawasaki Z1000

This car model is also known as the “divine Z1000”, they are so popular that showrooms are crowded with people asking and buying them, so many places are often out of stock. On big streets, you will encounter a Z1000 much easier than other large displacement models.

The hotness of the Kawasaki Z1000 comes from its angular, muscular and strong beauty. Large fuel tank, high rear end, powerful exhaust pipes on both sides and all paint colors are very delicately coordinated. Even though the car’s selling price is up to more than 400 million VND, they still have a special appeal thanks to their extremely outstanding advantages.


The BMW S1000RR is the dream of speed lovers around the world. This car has a strong, muscular appearance and asymmetric headlights that help create a unique character for the supercar. Since its launch, this car has quickly become one of the most famous and popular sportbikes to this day.

This car is also known as a “super motorbike” thanks to its super power and extremely impressive parameters. The selling price of this car in Vietnam is about 750 million VND. The vehicle weighs 178kg and has a maximum capacity of 193 horsepower.

Honda CB1000R

This is also a car model that receives support from many users. The characteristics of this car model are its compact but strong appearance, the car’s spoiler is extended forward, hugging the large fuel tank, the light head has a soft design and the most prominent feature is the accompanying single rear swingarm. with 4-spoke “dart” tray.

The Honda CB1000R is powerful thanks to its 998 cc Inline engine, maximum capacity of 125 horsepower at 10,000 rpm, maximum torque of 99 Nm at 7,750 Nm and comes with a 6-speed gearbox.

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 is also one of the most popular displacement bikes today. This car uses a 4-cylinder, DOHC engine, 806 cc capacity, maximum capacity of 113 horsepower at 10,200 rpm and 83 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

In addition, the car is also equipped with an LCD clock, Sugomi style headlights, powerful arrow-shaped LED taillights, reverse front forks and single rear forks… Currently the selling price of this product line is about 275 million VND , relatively suitable for the finances of many customers.

Harley Davidson Street 750

Harley Davidson Street 750 is considered the top choice of Cruiser car lovers. This car is a symbol of dynamism and youthfulness with details such as the engine, shell, 7-spoke rim, steering wheel, exhaust… all painted in matte black, classic round headlights with Halogen bulbs.

This car also impresses thanks to its moderate height and comfortable seating position, making it very suitable for the Vietnamese physique. The car has a capacity of 53 horsepower at 7,900 rpm and maximum torque of 65 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The genuine selling price of this car is 300 million VND at the Harley showroom in Vietnam.

Above has sent readers information about large displacement vehicles. Hopefully through this article you have been able to distinguish between large displacement vehicles and know the most popular brands and names of large displacement vehicles on the market. From there, you can soon find the car you like and satisfy your passion for speed on the most aggressive and unique cars.

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