The new 2nd generation Subaru BRZ 2021 continues to bring the exciting driving experiences typical of the 1st generation but is more strongly improved, has a more attractive appearance, along with outstanding safety from assistive technology. EyeSight advanced driver assistance is equipped for the first time in this model.

This is also a true sports car that satisfies Subaru’s passion for powerful performance, impressive design and outstanding safety.


The Subaru BRZ model is equipped with a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder Boxer engine capable of producing up to 234 PS of power and maximum torque of 250 Nm.

The 6-speed automatic transmission allows faster gear changes and improved Sport driving mode, increasing the driving feeling for the driver. In addition, the fine-tuned electronic throttle allows the engine to accelerate more flexibly at high rpm, helping the driver more easily control the force of movement on corners.


The car body has a 2-door design with a slightly heavier weight than the previous generation (about 10kg), so the Boxer engine on the new generation BRZ with greater capacity will help significantly improve acceleration thanks to the power ratio. /weight increased. The new generation Subaru BRZ is capable of accelerating from 0 – 100km/h in just 6.9 seconds.

On the other hand, the new BRZ also achieves a shorter braking distance from the 100km/h speed mark to a complete stop, more sensitive steering when changing lanes in an emergency, and limits the possibility of the vehicle body swaying when cornering. , as well as the ability to accelerate immediately when exiting the turn.

The 2nd generation Subaru BRZ has a completely new design with a low center of gravity, minimalist and efficient style. The new design of BRZ helps the car look stronger and more muscular thanks to the ducktail spoiler integrated into the rear trunk, creating a strong impression similar to the vehicle’s performance.

The proportion parameters of the 2nd generation Subaru BRZ are more practical thanks to the longer and lower coupe body design (the car is 25 mm longer and 10 mm lower), and the car’s shape looks more solid thanks to The wheelbase is extended (+5 mm) with an increased rear track width (+10 mm), and the wheels are larger (increased from 17-inch to 18-inch).

Another highlight in the design that helps the Subaru BRZ limit air resistance is the front bumper air vents, rear fender fins and other aerodynamic details that help control airflow under the car’s underbody for better performance. Optimal stability when moving.

Completing the entire aerodynamic design of the car is a set of wings on both sides of the body, hood fins near the high brake light and a ducktail-shaped trunk door to reduce wind resistance.

In addition, the dual exhaust pipes and gray alloy wheels combined with the hexagonal front grille will be able to satisfy Subaru’s loyal customers as well as fans of sports cars.


The new generation Subaru BRZ 2021 is not only sporty, but also very safe. The vehicle body is made stronger and more rigid thanks to increased high-strength steel content and improved passenger protection systems. The vehicle’s outstanding safety features include: 7 airbags, ring-shaped reinforced chassis, fine-tuned electronic body balance system to increase sportiness, headlights that glance at the steering angle, and a warning system. blind spot warning, lane change assist and rear cross traffic warning system.

In addition, the new Subaru BRZ 2021 is also equipped with automatic braking when reversing, automatic headlights and for the first time equipped with EyeSight advanced driver assistance safety technology with 6 main features similar to the Subaru Forester. is automatic braking to prevent collisions, throttle control to prevent collisions, adaptive cruise control, lane change warning, lane reversal warning, warning of moving vehicles ahead.

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