How Much is a Perm Cost? Prices of Perm Based on Type and Length

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If you’re considering getting curly, you’re probably wondering how much is a perm cost. It is possible to get different types of perms, and the prices vary depending on the type. However, there is a simple solution: most people spend between $40 and $200 per perms.

The price range is very wide since there are a lot of variables and factors that affect the price.

It is important to note that the price of a perm depends on the length of your hair, the type of perm you choose, and whether you decide to get an all-over perm, a partial perm, or none at all.

Partial perms are less expensive than a full perm, and short hair is much easier to perm. While perms may be associated with the 1980s and 1990s, there is no doubt that they are a trend that will be around for quite some time now.

A modern perm can be customized to suit your style with options such as curls, waves, and coils. Rather than waking up with a perm from seventh grade, you can wake up with a beachy wave.

A spiral perm will give you bouncy, tight curls. If you intend to take a trip to the hair salon, you should familiarize yourself with the various kinds of perms available and their costs.

The options are endless, regardless of your hair type. If you know what you want, you may have whatever style you want when it comes to curls.

What is a perm?

In the context of hairstyles, ‘perm’ is derived from the word ‘permanent’, which refers to the length of time the style will last. Using chemicals, one can create a style that can last up to several months without fading.

You can get wavy or straight hair with perms if you want something easier to handle. A perm changes your hair’s texture with chemicals. Hair is kept in its curvature by the perm solution while the chemicals are being administered.

Using an alkaline or acidic chemical, disulfide bonds are broken in hair. Thus, it is possible to bend and retrain it in different ways. Acidic chemicals must be activated by heating the perm solution.

The perm solution is then neutralized, and disulfide bonds are repaired by oxidation. Size, strength, and type of perm solution (or waving lotion) are all factors that influence the final results.

To make the curls or waves more compact, it will be beneficial to use a larger rod alongside a smaller one.

Perm Cost by Type

There are a few factors that influence the cost of perms, but here are the average costs for different types.

  • Spot or partial perm: $30-$95
  • Body wave perm: $40-$200
  • Digital perm: $150-$300
  • Spiral perm: $80-$200
  • Stack or multi-textured perm: $40-$150
  • Root perm: $30-$80
  • Straight perm: $100-$200
  • Volumizing perm: $50-$150

How much does a long hair perm cost?

Having curls that are unchanging and look very tangible is a desire of every girl in the world. The long wave perm is a great option to try out, so why not give it a try?

The perfect choice for hair with a glossy blonde coloring is a perm for long hair that gives off untidy, 1970s vibes. With this technique, don’t be hesitant to let your sources display. However, that is not the only option you have at your disposal.

When uprooting a perm from long hair, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want curls or waves. It is recommended to use the perm method if the customer has long hair, which is similar to other methods of hair perming.

It is essential to pay close attention to every aspect of the perming process to achieve the desired results.

Those who have long hair and are addicted to curls shouldn’t worry about the perm prices as they start from $49, which is a very pocket-friendly price. In general, long hair perms cost between $49 and $200.

How much does a perm cost for short hair?

The majority of people believe that you need to have long or mediocre hair to get a hair perm. Relaxed waves can be satisfied with a short bob. These adorably tiny bangs on the front enhance the cuteness aspect of this carefree twisted look.

The short hairstyles that are in trend these days can be done in numerous ways. When you get a short hair perm, you will be surprised at how adaptable you can be in terms of styling. Consider, for example, the appearance of a short bob hairstyle.

As well as being made up of waves of varying sizes, the rough perm embodies the essence of chic grunge with its waves of varied sizes.

This look takes grunge styling to a whole new level as it is trimmed off with some super tiny bangs and the curls seem to possess a sense of their own despite their super small size.

Short hair perms can cost as much as $50 to $100, depending on the length of the hair.

How much do perms cost for medium hair?

In recent years, Imaan Hammam has sparked the glamour world with its Dutch-Egyptian attraction. She stands out among beautiful faces with her regular curls. Hot spiral perms and a mid-length hairstyle are guaranteed to get you curls like hers.

Make the most of your medium-length hair by intensifying the texture to showcase the versatility of this style. A great hairstyle that will suit the texture of your hair may not be too tight curls if you have medium hair.

If you have medium hair, you may not wish to choose too tight curls. However, if you would like to give your medium-length hair a loose waved perm as opposed to coiled waves, you can choose to do that.

In this way, you will be able to manage your hair much more easily in the future. However, you are wondering how much the cost of these perms is going to be. It costs approximately $90 to have a medium-length perm applied to your hair.

In general, the price of a Medium Hair Perm can range anywhere from $90 to $200 on average.

How much does a perm cost for shoulder-length hair?

You can increase your hair’s volume with a shoulder hair perm. A growing number of hair salons are already offering this technique to fans of the tight curl.

You should always anticipate about half an inch of growth when apportioning perms, but finding the right length can be tricky. For shoulder-length hair perms, the cost ranges from $40 to $100 depending on the length of the hair and the amount of work required.

You mustn’t freak out about the cost of the hairstyle as you will never regret it once you apply it.

What are the different perming methods?

As well as acid and alkaline methods of perming, there are also digital methods, exothermic methods, and dual action methods available. There are several different methods to achieve curls.

The method you choose depends on the type of chemicals and when they are applied to your hair. It also depends on how they affect your hair.

A large part of the cost of these methods is also influenced by their complexity, technique, and tools that are required. Below, we’ll go into more detail about these methods.

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Acid or hot perms

The disulfide bonds in the hair are broken down by the acidic chemical glyceryl monothioglycolate when an acidic perm is applied to the hair.

Using heat, you will then be able to give your curls the shape that you wish. In comparison to other methods, this method takes longer to set and is gentler on the hair as well.

Alkaline or cold perms

To form your curls without the use of heat, alkaline or cold perms use a solution that contains ammonium thioglycolate in a lotion or solution.

With this method, you can get longer-lasting curls, but it isn’t recommended for thin or thinning hair that is weak or brittle.

Digital perms

The digital perm makes use of digital perm rods, which allow the stylist to control the level of heat that will be applied to the hair. The rods are great for creating tight, defined curls, but they cost a lot of money and are difficult to use without an appointment.

Exothermic perms

During an exothermic perm, acid or alkaline is used to create chemical heat within the hair. Your stylist can then curl your hair as a result of this opening of the hair shaft.

Using this method, you will be able to remove hair that has not been able to be removed with other methods before.

Dual-action perms

A dual-action perm is a type of perm that softens and smooths your hair before the application of perm rods. Afterward, your stylist will apply a weak alkaline solution to help ease the curling process.

Organic perms

It is important to note that organic perms use natural oils as well as other ways of creating curls without the use of chemicals.

Different Types of Perms

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to perm hairstyles. The type of perm that you choose will depend on the type of hair you have, how you live, and what budget you have to work with.

All perms use chemicals to break your hair into small pieces, which are then formed into the shape you desire using heat.

A stylist’s method of working with rods as well as whether or not he or she applies heat to reshape your hair will be the most important differences between them.


A straight perm works by infusing curls into naturally straight hair, whereas a curly perm helps to straighten curly hair. It is also a very high-maintenance perm, which is why it is one of the most popular.

During the straightening process, the hair is coated with a strong straightening solution, before a plastic coating is applied to the hair.

Next, the hair is washed, dried, and straightened one more time under a heater. For at least 72 hours after your hair has been permed, you cannot mess around with it.


Stacking perms is a method of getting layers in straight hair which is the curly version of having layers. Nevertheless, if you are interested in getting this perm, you will need a medium to long-sized hair.

Moreover, it should be laid flat on your head so that it lies at one length. Normally, hair is left flat on the top to create layers of curls, while the bottom and middle sections are curled in different sizes with hot rollers to create layers of curls.


There are a few different types of spot perms, but they all focus on specific areas of your hair, and they are designed to be either tight or loose depending on your hair type.

You can use this perm on even curlier hair to get the curls in the areas you want them, even if your hair is naturally curly.

When styling this one, stylists have the option of using either heat or no heat as they see fit.

Twist Spiral

The twisted spiral is perfect for those who want a retro perm with lots of volumes. Because the twisting spiral curls your hair into varying lengths and tightnesses, you will need long hair, about eight to ten inches long.

This approach doesn’t require the use of heat since the hair is set in thin, long rods that are placed vertically on the head so that it doesn’t get damaged by heat.

Considering all the different lengths of curls that are included in this particular perm, keep in mind that it requires moderate to high maintenance to maintain.


With a partial perm, you can manage dozens of curls of differing lengths much more easily than if you had a twisted spiral.

Usually, stylists use hot curling rods to curl the ends of long or medium hair. It requires less maintenance than other types of perms because it requires so little styling.


The root perm usually lasts for about two to four weeks, which is shorter than the average three to six-month perm. In terms of volume, it does add a slight amount of volume to the roots while leaving the rest of the hair looking natural.

Therefore, it does not require a lot of maintenance regularly. To achieve a perm at a hair salon, a stylist will use a cold approach since the perm can be applied so close to the scalp.


The hair is wrapped in different sizes of heated rods to create a multi-textured perm, much like the twist spiral perm. With all of these differences, the multi-textured perm appears to be tamer and bouncy, while the curls have a more natural-looking bounce.

Multi-textured perms are not as demanding as twist spiral perms in terms of maintenance as they don’t require as much supervision. If you have really dry skin, it might be necessary to use some moisturizing products.

Body Wave

As opposed to some perms, which aim at keeping the hair in a uniform state, the body wave uses large rollers to create non-uniform curl patterns. A body wave curl has a more relaxed and natural appearance, as it is less bouncy than a standard curl.

You will need less maintenance if you choose softer, looser curls, but heat styling will sometimes be necessary if you choose looser curls.

Important Considerations Before Getting a Perm

Before getting a perm (and afterward), here are a few things to remember. You will get the best results from your perm if you know what to expect.

Don’t wash your hair for up to 48 hours

Following a perm, you shouldn’t wash your hair or get it wet for 24 to 48 hours. Curls can become loose or fall out if washed too soon.

Last 2-6 months.

The length of time the perm will last depends on your hair’s health and texture, but in general, you can expect 2-6 months of curls before they begin to loosen and fade.

Dry your hair

After a perm, your hair will need to be moisturized and conditioned. Initially, deep conditioning should be done twice a week. After the first month, reduce the frequency to once a week.

A perm is not always a one-and-done procedure

Certain types of perms may disappoint you if you’re hoping to get a perm so you will not have to worry about styling your hair every time you wash it.

In order for a spiral perm, a root perm, or a multi-textured perm to look its best, they all require some styling to achieve the desired results.

A cold or alkaline perm stinks.

Although alkaline-based perm solutions give great results, they really smell bad. Skunks and rotten eggs have been compared to the smell.

You should either prepare yourself for the smell or opt for a hot (acidic) perm. This odor is caused by the ammonia in the solution.

Don’t overdo colors after a perm.

A perm can have a detrimental impact on your hair because it changes its chemical structure and can damage it. After having your hair dyed, you may want to wait a few months before doing any other chemical treatment on it.

Find out what curls your stylist recommends.

Ask your stylist which type of curls would suit you best, even if you know what type you want. You may not have considered something they suggest.

Be sure before getting a perm.

Depending on the perm, the hair can last for more than six months, and if you’re not happy with your current style, that can be a long time. Before you get a perm, make sure you are committed to having your hair curly for an extended period.

How long does a perm last?

The lifespan of a perm is typically between two and six months. There is no doubt that this is the truthful answer despite the vast variety available.

According to the type of hair you have and the way you take care of your hair after the perm, you can expect your perm to last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.


The cost of a perm is also influenced by several other factors at the local level. It is also likely that there will be some special ingredients and local specialties that the hairstylists will use as a specialty in perming the hair as unique specialty. There may be a difference in the cost of perms depending on all these factors.

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