Honda Forza 350: Latest Forza 350 2023 price

Honda Forza 350 is a scooter line that is very famous in the Thai market recently. Launched at the 2023 Thailand auto show, the car model quickly attracted the attention of the community. Sowhat’s different about the new Forza 350 and how much does the Forza 350 cost?

What’s special about Honda Forza 350?

Optimized size

Honda Forza 350 version 2023 with significantly changed design dimensions, helping to optimize the vehicle’s performance, go faster and consume less fuel.

Regarding vehicle dimensions, the new Forza 350’s length has increased by 5mm to 2,147 mm, width by 754 mm and height reduced by 109mm to 1362 mm. The saddle height remains at 780 mm, making the vehicle easier to control and better limit wind resistance.

The body of the car has been added with a number of details to ensure that the weight increases by 2 kg to 185 kg and the fuel tank capacity is also increased to 11.7 liters compared to the old model’s 11.5 liters.

Thanks to this change, the Forza 350 can now hug arc angles much more easily, and its rear-running ability is also better, thereby reducing fuel consumption significantly.

eSP+ engine

New eSP + 4-valve engine, the most powerful in the 350cc scooter segment and new capacity block. New Uni-cam valve, stronger, smoother, less friction increases engine life.

Environmentally friendly engine with cylinder enlarged to 77 mm, length X stroke to 70.7 mm.

Larger air filter up to 5.5 liters combined with exhaust ventilation system. Larger stainless steel tube neck for long-term use.

Custom windshield

Windshield with modern design can be adjusted up and down up to 40mm. It is an effective tool for long journeys when it can reduce wind resistance up to 150mm, reducing fatigue on long journeys.

Watch with great features of Honda Forza 350

Honda Forza 350 has a digital display clock with Cockpit Area style. With 2 circular clock clusters on both sides and a digital display in the center, it allows the driver to easily control the smart functions of this high-end vehicle.

Intelligent control system

Honda Forza 350 uses Smartkey smart remote control system and Smart Controller smart starting system.

The control system with a prominent blue border comes with a trunk opening button and integrated fuel tank for easy, time-saving use.

Forza 350 is equipped with a navigation, anti-theft and smart on/off system that is extremely convenient and secure for users.

Integrated electronic charger

Honda Forza 350 has a storage compartment on the left with a fairly large capacity that allows it to fit a thermos bottle, extremely suitable for the modern lifestyle of young people. Multi-function integrated charger suitable for all mobile devices, extremely convenient.

The trunk holds items according to usage needs

The storage compartment of the Honda Forza 350 2023 is designed to accommodate special storage that can hold up to 2 3/4 helmets while still opening and closing easily.

2-channel ABS brakes enhance the experience

Honda Forza 350 is equipped with 2-channel ABS that allows safer vehicle movement at high speeds. Forza 350 brakes are controlled by an electronic system that helps brake accurately and adapt to all types of difficult terrain.

Honda Forza 350 technical specifications

Length x Width x Height (mm)2,147 x 754 x 1,362
Wheelbase (mm)1,510
Ground clearance (mm)147
Seat height (mm)780
Wheel / Angle (°’/) (mm)26° 30’/91 mm
Fuel tank capacity (liters)11.7
Front suspension systemTelescopic tube
Rear suspension systemDouble shock absorber
Weight / kg)185
Front brake systemABS disc brakes
Rear brake systemABS disc brakes
Front tire size120/70-15 M/C 56P tubeless
Rear tire size140/70-14 M/C 62P tubeless
EngineeSP+, 4 valves PGM-FI, 4 strokes
Fuel consumption3,965 liters / 100km
CoolWater cooled Honda Selectable Tourque Control
Cylinder capacity (cc)329.6
Diameter x Piston stroke77.0 x 70.7
Compression ratio10.5:1
Charging system
Battery voltage
Clutch systemAutomatic dry centrifugal clutch
GearsV-Matic belt type [V-Belt].
Transmission ratio
Ignition systemTransistorized digital
Start upElectricity

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