Manufacturers often make many different models of motorcycles, but we can classify each model based on design characteristics. Popular car models in the world:

1. Cruiser

This car line was formed in the US from the 1930s to 1960s. Almost every car company produces this car line, including a series of names such as Harley-Davidson, Excelsior-Henderson, Honda… These
cars Cruisers are often equipped with large displacement V-Twin engines, in addition to the appearance of engines with average cylinder capacity. Cruiser engines often have low torque, making driving easier.
When sitting on a cruiser, the driver’s footrest is often pushed forward and slightly high, so the driver can lean back slightly to feel comfortable when traveling at low speeds. .

Another type of vehicle that is often mentioned is the chopper. In fact, these are customized cars at the owner’s request, based on cruisers.

2. Touring
Although all types of vehicles can be used for long-distance trips, touring models are designed with unique characteristics to be most suitable for this purpose. Normally, touring cars are equipped with windshields, engine guards, and large capacity fuel tanks.

The seating position in the car is also very comfortable, with reasonable steering wheel position and leg rest. Besides, the car is also equipped with many amenities such as high-end speaker system, GPS navigation, heated seats, large storage box… Very
large touring cars are also called dressers, especially when it was developed based on the cruiser chassis system. The weight of touring bikes usually ranges from 390 to 640 kg, when fully equipped with accessories.

3. Sport bike

This car line is designed with outstanding advantages in speed, acceleration, deceleration and cornering, suitable for those who are passionate about high-speed experiences.
Vehicles are often equipped with high-performance engines, along with a lightweight frame system. The vehicle’s elements are carefully designed to bring rigidity and stability to the vehicle. The brake system is also specially designed, ensuring vehicle safety in emergencies. The suspension system of the sport bike line is designed to be very advanced, both in terms of functionality and durability.

The driver’s posture when driving the car is often forward, hugging the fuel tank, with a raised center of gravity. At high speeds, the driver will have a very exciting experience with this car. However, at low speeds, it will really make the driver feel tired because of the heaviness.
Streetfighter is also a type of sport bike, with a stripped tire and raised handlebars compared to traditional sport bikes.

4. Sport touring

This is a hybrid vehicle that inherits the outstanding performance of a sport bike and the convenient advantages of a touring vehicle, to bring comfort and safety to the driver. Some major car manufacturers in the world often take advantage of the engine systems and technology on their latest sport bikes to develop sport touring versions.

However, sport touring also has many changes compared to sport bikes, such as the vehicle’s engine being tuned to focus on convenience for the driver instead of promoting the vehicle’s maximum speed, and the use of large-sized windshields. Larger and adjustable. The chassis has also been improved to provide a comfortable driving experience when traveling on long distances. The car’s fuel tank also has a much larger capacity than the sport bike line.

5. Standard

This is a type of car commonly seen on the street. It is easy to distinguish this type of vehicle thanks to the driver’s sitting position, which is usually upright instead of the driving positions of sport bikes and cruisers. The footrest is right below the seating position, while the handlebars also have the right height so that the driver does not lean too forward, creating a natural sitting position.
Standard cars often have the advantages of flexibility, not too high prices and moderate engine equipment. Car models of this line often have no windshield or very small windshield.

The standard line is also often called a naked bike, because the tires are almost completely removed, showing off the entire engine block of the vehicle.
Another type of the standard line is the muscle bike, which has a massive, sinewy body and is also very skimpy. This type of vehicle is often equipped with a large capacity engine.

6. Dual-sport

This can be considered a “multi-purpose” vehicle, because it is capable of operating well on off-road roads, as well as operating well on the street. Dual-sport cars all possess the standard equipment of a street car such as lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn, license plate location… These cars focus on the driver
. tall, the seating position is higher than other street cars.

7. Off-road bike

Off-road bike is a type of vehicle used on off-road roads, with many different types. This type of vehicle is also commonly known as dirt bike, specially designed for off-road racing. Compared to street cars, off-road vehicles are often lighter in weight and simpler in structure, equipped with large travel forks, high chassis, and a lot of tires removed to avoid damage. . Dirt bikes are equipped with tires with many edges to increase their ability to adapt to rough terrain.
Some other types of off-road bikes include motocross, enduro, rally raid, trail, trails, track racing…

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